LINER NOTES from the album

By Carl Wilson of the Toronto Globe and Mail:


While those first recordings awaited release, the Trio performed separately and together, and returned to the studio in March, 2002. "I don't know what was in the air," says Hunsinger. "After each piece, we would take a few deep breaths, sometimes laughing about where we had been, then launch into the next, totally different world of improvisation. It was an incredibly intense hour." Everything from that session appears on this album (tracks 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7), and it's evident how much the rapport from the first encounter had deepened.

Notice, for instance, on "Consequences" (the first tune recorded in the second session), how the long lines and slow rhythms gather force almost imperceptibly, only to be refuted by Aoki's bass. What follows is a crisis of rhythm, breath against breath. Yet Jarman's solo in the final minutes somehow resolves all that's gone before into inevitable-sounding song. Eventually Hunsinger surges back in for a duet with the ring of sweet realization, of mutual reverence for creation of every kind.

The music of the Aoki Hunsinger Jarman trio might have had its source in any of Calvino's mythic settlements, echoing the rhythms of their markets and construction sites at dawn, their keening noises of eros and regret at nightfall. But it also has a musical geography all its own, its compass constantly in spin, its locus in the invisible city inside a city that is Chicago's unique jazz improv community, where to imagine a place is to make it so.


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